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Gyro Grip

About Gyro Grip

The Gyro Grip is a portable exercise device that creates resistance through centrifugal force. Steel Bearings allow a 1 LB weight to cycle effortlessly inside a durable poly carbonate shell providing safety to the User.

The electronic display tracks RPM, Time, and Total Revolutions. A double audio tone signals the user at the end of the exercise. You can also set a Progress Audio Tone signaling the User of their progress during the exercise.

The on-board computer will calculate and display average RPM and Total Revolutions at the end of the exercise.

The Gyro Grip promotes strength, endurance, and increased calorie burn rate. Held in front of the body, the User spins a 1 LB weigh 200-350 RPM creating a resistance through centrifugal force.

You will fatigue and burn muscle tissue in just minutes per exercise. The high speed repetitive movement also increases heart rate for cardiovascular workout.

Gyro Grip weight 2.9 LBS.
Dimension 10" diameter.

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