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Gyro Grip

How To Spin Gyro

The Gyro Grip does not propel itself. You must exert a force in a circular motion to keep the Gyro Grip rotating. It is a simple rotational movement, but efficiency and workout results are maximized when arm movement is minimized to tight concentric circles and rotation speed is increased. It is very much like a Hula Hoop or Jumping Rope in that the learning curve will take practice. You develop a feel for it.

Learning how to spin the Gyro Grip

  • Hold the Gyro Grip upside down so you can watch the Swing Arm revolve.
  • Spin the Gyro Grip in the direction most comfortable for you.
  • Start with a rocking motion before initiating a slight circular motion.
  • Practice one revolution at a time and get a feel for the movement.
  • Slowly progress to more consecutive rotations until you reach 30 seconds.
  • Once you can keep the weight spinning, increase the RPM to your comfort level.
  • Turn the electronics ON and set the Countdown Timer to excercise.

    Workout Poses

    You can engage different muscle groups when spinning the Gyro Grip by holding it in various positions.

    Waist-level Pose / elbows bent

    forearms, upper arms, and shoulders

    Waist-level Pose / elbows straight

    biceps, triceps, shoulders, back and chest

    Chest-level Pose

    arms, shoulders, back and lats

    Recline Pose

    arms, upper body, and core

    And many more!

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