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Operational Manual

Operational feature designed for the Gyro Grip

Dynamic Reading

The Gyro Grip will instantly display RPM and Elapsed Time as soon as rotation begins.

Timer Countdown with AudioTone

TheTimer can be set from 1-60 minutes with a double AudioTone signaling the end of the exercise. Advance Time by activating the Time button. when flashing stops, the Countdown Time is locked in.

Progress AudioTone

When you've locked in the Countdown Time, you then have the option to give yourself a Progress Audio Tone during the exercise. The tone can be set from l-5 minutes. The device will alert you with a beep at the increment selected so you know how long you have exercised without having to watch the display. For example if you have a Countdown Time set at 5 minutes, you can set a progress Audio Tone at 1 minute. During the exercise you will receive an Audio Tone every minute to alert you of your progress.

The display will calculate and track the exercise as long as rotation continues. lnterruption to the exercise can only last a few seconds before the electronics wlll turn off.

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